Data privacy


E.V.I.S. d.o.o. undertakes to respect the anonymity and privacy of the users of the store and will use and process the data exclusively for the purposes specified in these Terms. The company E.v.i.s. d.o.o. can collect personal data of the user, such as name, address, OIB, telephone number or e-mail address only if the user voluntarily submits the same to E.v.i.s.d.o.o..
E.V.I.S. d.o.o. will use the said data exclusively for the purpose of fulfilling contractual obligations and better insight and understanding of individual needs, habits and requests of users as well as further development and better provision of all services. E.V.I.S. d.o.o. collects, processes and publishes data about users related to the way of using the Web store without revealing the user’s identity and/or personal data that enable the user’s identity to be revealed.
E.V.I.S. d.o.o. collects and records data about the user’s IP address (Internet Protocol Address) or about the location of the computer for the purposes of system administration, troubleshooting, content download confirmation or improvement of technical aspects of the Internet service. E.V.I.S. d.o.o. will automatically record data on the user’s habits of using the Web store, including a log file on visits to certain pages and/or content. Such data E.v.i.s. d.o.o. will be used exclusively for the purpose of improving its service and adapting and individualizing promotional activities according to the needs of individual users.
E.V.I.S. d.o.o. it does not record your credit card number or store transaction information. E.V.I.S. d.o.o. for credit card billing, it uses the services of a third party, an authorized bank, which protects your data with encryption.